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    Welcome to your Groupon Savings Page!
    YOU MUST email (diduknock@aol.com) or Text a photo of your GROUPON to 407-641-2718 upon order / prior to delivery.

    You can order up to
     6 months in advance
    or up to the day before. 
    Availability may vary for orders with less notice.

    Call or Text 407-641-2718

    This is the Payment page,
    If you have already ordered,  you DO NOT need to order again....

    You may order a Baby Announcement prior to the baby being born.
    Just call or text us once you have the baby Info.

    We NO LONGER do NIGHT deliveries.
    We deliver in the MORNING  between 8am-11:30am only.
    Delivery will be according to our route and not your schedule.

    1. I'm getting old, I can't see as good at night when driving.

    2. Guests of honor are usually rushing to get to work or school when they are leaving the house, so they barely get to enjoy their flocking. And they see it from the back side initially. But when they drive home to it, they see it from the front, in its entirety, and are coming home to "relax" and have time for pics and to enjoy it more. ♥

    3. It's getting more and more dangerous to deliver at night. Many of my "FLOCKER" friends have quit because people they are "FLOCKING" have pulled a gun on them while making a delivery. While many have also changed to daytime deliveries and found that this works out better for everyone. Times are changing and we must make this change too.

    I'm Happy to Help
    Call or Text 407-641-2718

    Pay for your Birthday Gram Below
    Automatically Discounted below

    Note: There is no reservation until
     payment is received. 

    You may add up to 5 extra days if available at $15 pr day


    Loving Footnote

    We only deliver to single family homes
    no apartments or businesses off of busy streets
    to help prevent lost or stolen displays

    Questions? Call me 407-641-2718

    All delivery areas MUST have dirt/grassy area so the signs can be put into the ground.
    MULCH does NOT count

    A delivery to a business MUST have a grassy area for us to put our signs in the ground. We will deliver it during your business hours and pick up the same day before you close.  You the renter are responsible for all signs! (missing or damaged)
    There are no refunds on any of our deliveries or orders. 

    We do not offer any refunds. Reason being is our products are for shock value and or announcement only. However we do our best to make each and every Birthday or celebration the most memorable ever! To see examples of our work please visit out Facebook page or our reviews

    May you have happy blessings for you and your family.  ♥

    If you have a question just call.

    Please Leave all signs in the ground.
    It does NOT help us if you take them out of the ground.
    They may get scratched or bent costing you $$..
    Renter is responsible for the rental until pick up.

    Please do NOT mow or use a weed eater around the signs.

    Please don't play with them.
    Signs are NOT TOYS please do not allow children, adults or animals
    to play on, climb on, or play around our displays.

    You or a loved one may be harmed.
    We will not be responsible for injury or damage resulting from unsolicited use. 

    Thank You

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