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YES! You can take Pictures and post them online!
no.... you can not keep any signs, they are a rental.

YES! We'd love to hear how you, they liked the display!
Just text us a comment and or a picture to share.

We also have a FACEBOOK PAGE

Here at Orlando Birthday Gram we understand that policies are necessary to keep things running smoothly.
You and all of our customers are very important to us
and we want you to be completely satisfied with our service Sometimes however, things happen beyond our control, therefore we need to have some rules in place.

Our Rules

  1. We respectfully reserve the right to decline a delivery area that we feel may be unsafe for our critters or our flockers. We will contact you if this situation arises. This only happened once when the yard was fenced and there was 2 pit bulls in the yard growling at us.
  2. Please do not remove any of our critters. If you need them taken down early, please give us a call and we'll gladly come and get them.
  3. There are no refunds, this is a novelty gift.
  4. We may place a small sign in the yard with our company name, phone number and web address.  This sign is unobtrusive and lets the neighbors know where "they can get one" please do not move or hide it.
  5. Do not, under any circumstances, let children play on or around our display or pull up any of our critters. Some of them may look like toys, but they are not.  Let's keep your children safe!
  6. We will not, under any circumstances, put up a "mean" display. We won't allow cruel jokes of any sort. Our business is to make people happy.  That being said, please do not "re-arrange" the letters on our sign.  The verbiage on all signs has to be agreed upon by us and you.
  7. If the victim calls us and wants to know who flocked them, we will tell them, we don't like to play cruel games.
  8. Keep in mind our signs are rentals. If any of our signs are missing or damages ie. marker or spray-paint, stepped on, driven over, scratched up. We will re quire the renter to pay for the damages by replacement. Signs vary in cost from $25 each to a large sign of $300+. So Just play nice and don't be mean. We have NEVER had to charge anyone, please let's keep them nice for the next birthday.
  9. We do our best to set up and not get caught either during the day or at night after dark. If we get caught they are still surprised and we will be like, "are you (so n so) well Happy Birthday etc." we are setting up a Birthday surprise for you! ♥ no refunds....

Only a few rules.
Whew that was easy.
Now onto our Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

We understand that things happen and sometimes the victim won't be home on the scheduled date.
We will gladly reschedule the delivery without penalty if you call us 24 hours or more in advance.

  • We will reschedule if we cannot deliver due to inclement weather.
  • Please know that it must be severe weather for our flockers to miss a delivery,
  • Example:  Hurricane, high winds, etc. 

The items we can not reimburse you for are:

  • If we are given the wrong address and a display doesn't get set up. We will make every attempt to deliver your display based on the information given to us but if it doesn't jive, we can't be held liable.
  • Please make sure the address is correct before calling us.
  • We will repeat the order back to you in full before we hang up the phone.  Please pay attention and make sure we got it right.
  • If the "victim" wants the display removed promptly.
  • If we are not allowed access to a gated community.
  • Please let the guards know the date we'll be arriving.                 
  • It's not fun arguing with a guard.
  • What happens If we get caught. - we simply say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (name) you're getting a surprise! and they love it!! No complaints yet. ♥

Every attempt will be made to make you a completely satisfied customer. 
We want you to use us again and to tell all of your friends about us.

There are no refunds, you may however get a credit (good for 1 year)
 to use at a later date if there have been weather issues
or you call 24 hours ahead to reschedule.

Due to displays being rented and reserved, if you were to reserve it and have a change of heart, we are sorry but we may have turned down business to reserve your rental spot.
However we will give you a credit to use any display within a years time at another location (within our delivery areas).
Thank you for your understanding.

As of March 1st 2018
We will NO LONGER doing NIGHT deliveries.
We will Be doing MORNING Deliveries
between 7am-11am only - Monday - Friday.
Note: Delivery will be according to our route and not your schedule.
Thank You. ♥

1.I'm getting old, I can't see as good at night when driving and I want to go to bed at night like a normal person.

2. Guests of honor are usually rushing to get to work or school when they are leaving the house, so they barely get to enjoy their flocking. And they see it from the back side initially. But when they drive home to it, they see it from the front, in its entirety, and are coming home to "relax" and have time for pics and to enjoy it more. ♥

3.It's getting more and more dangerous to deliver at night.
Many of my "FLOCKER" friends have quit because people they are "FLOCKING" or a neighbor have pulled a gun on them while making a delivery. While many Flockers have also changed to daytime deliveries and found that this works out better for everyone. Times are changing and we must make this change too.

Moving our signs is our
Imagine you had a designer deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers, would you re-design the arrangement into different vases around the house? no...

Please do not relocate or re-design our decorations / arrangement.
If you would like the display to be moved, please let us know , we will be glad to move it for you. Keep in mind a delivery fee may apply each time we come to move the display.

We cannot be held responsible for damage to person or property as a result of moving our signs.
We ask that you please refrain from mowing or trimming near our signs as this may cause damage.

All decoration displays are the sole property of
Funny Yard Card Rental / Or Orlando Birthday Gram lando Birthday Gram.com
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