How to start your own lawn decoration business.
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How to start your own lawn decoration business.

How to start your own lawn decoration business.

The Why...
Did you know that you can start your own lawn decoration business from your home and it is a great part time extra income.

Having a rental business is great because you buy it once and you use it over and over again.
I have had some of my signs for over 9 years and they still get rented!

I love that when I deliver a Birthday Gram it not only makes the birthday person happy but it also brings a smile to the neighbors and everyone who passes by.  It gives me a great feeling of happiness to provide such a wonderful service.

I love that people come to me to help them make a birthday special for someone they love. It really warms my heart.

The How...
Simply go to my website and find a package that fits your budget to get started. You can always get more later. So don't over stress yourself. This business is very addictive as you will find yourself collecting lots of different designs so you can mix and match so you can provide lots of options for your customers. 

The nice thing is they come already made.
All you have to do is find a shelf in your garage to keep them, design a website, and market them to your friends and neighbors. Usually facebook is a great way to do this.

2. decide your delivery areas and prices
3. Photograph it
4. design website 
5. create a facebook page, post lots of pictures with links to your website.
6. create a blog, post lots of pictures with links to your website.
7. post ads on craigs list - post lots of pictures with links to your website.
8. take orders, I use pay pal. It's great, it's cheap and keeps track of everything for me, and I get paid instantly!
9. deliver your order
10. pick up a few days later, or the same day (it's your business you make up the rules)
11... repeat and use again 

It's a great way to make extra money, but the best ting I have experienced over the last 10 years of owning my own birthday gram business is I have had the chance to really be with my family. 
It takes me about 30 min to load my car, if I have to dust the signs 1st.
It takes me 15 min to set up..
15 min to take down..
Most of my time is in the driving to deliver and pick up... say 1 hour each way.
do the math... It's still better than some other jobs I've had.

I work from home FT doing this, I get between 10-30 rentals a month.
Sometimes my husband or kids come with me. (quality time I wouldn't trade for the world!)
Plus my kids learned how to have their own business, and how rewarding it is.
they also learned the sacrifices you make. if I'm sick I still deliver because that is my responsibility to follow thru and people are depending on me. of course if I am really sick my husband will help but for the most part this is my business and my responsibility and what I love to do.

I like the quiet, and spending my days alone with no one to bother me.
No one to tell me how to do something. I learn from my own mistakes and my own success.
This is my business, my responsibility, it's my passion.
To me it is relaxing as I market my business online.

The big question, how much can you make...
I charge on the average with deliveryabout $100 for each rental..
You could do it PT or FT work it when you have time.
I get between 10-30 rentals a month depending on how much effort I put into it.
So do the math. It's not bad extra income !

At first I was scared to deliver them, and my husband went with me for almost 2 years!
But I soon learned not to be afraid, and now I think nothing of it.
And my kids (now teenagers) ask to come with me once in a while.
I make it fun and after the delivery I'll buy them a soda or ice cream or something as a treat, but most of the time it's just a chance to have a one one one time to talk.

The When
When do you make deliveries?
Well I deliver it at night when there is less traffic.
However Some "Flockers" deliver during the morning before 8am and some deliver during the day.
And that's ok too... It's YOUR Business!
Do it the way that feels comfortable to you ♥

This is a photo of when I was just starting out...
As you can see we all got involved ♥

My kids were so small compared to the signs.
Now my kids are 20 and 18 !!!

Happy to help out mom.

This is me years ago spending countless hours,
cutting out and laying vinyl to make my signs...

Your packages are already made
so you do not have to go thru this. 

I am always so proud to tell people what I do.

I am happy to say that I have spent the last 10 years
doing something that makes so many people happy. 

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traditional wears on Friday, September 16, 2016 4:13 AM
Lovely decoration, really very nice.
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